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Fred is a native from Switzerland. He started traveling at a very young age. He studied in Geneva, California and Mexico, before getting involved in international airline and automotive marketing. He became one of the youngest Marketing Managers for British Airways and for Chrysler USA in Europe. While analyzing the new car price discrepancies in the various European markets, he decided to exploit this phenomenon and started to import and export Range Rovers, Jaguars, Aston Martins, Bentleys, Ferraris and Lamborghinis on his own on a worldwide basis. He built the first Jaguar XJ-Convertibles and Range Rover Cabriolets for the affluent and celebrities, including Royalty and Hollywood stars.

By 1990, he decided to invest into South Florida real estate and entered into a Joint Venture to build a 5 Star Oceanfront Condominium on Florida’s Gold Coast with a local developer. Around 1995 he met Paul McRae of The Galleria Collection, who became one of his mentors in the South Florida Real Estate business. Fred eventually joined Paul’s Galleria Collection, mainly to do his own buying and selling and ended up purchasing the business with a partner in 2008. The Galleria Collection had sales in excess of 1 billion Dollars, in luxury pre-construction projects, co-operating with the Related Groups, Trump, etc. He and his wife Patricia invested in high end properties, mainly luxury Penthouses which he and Patricia, who heads L’Hermitage Design Group, redesigned, decorated and resold. In 2009 Fred joined Xcellence Realty in Miami and founded Ultra Luxury Properties Inc. as a boutique luxury branch, specializing in ultra-luxury Penthouses and other high-end Condominium residences throughout Florida and Europe.

Fred is fluent in five languages and has a true cosmopolitan understanding of the different cultures and traditions. In 2008, he earned the distinguished Certified International Property Specialist designation, giving him access to a global network of realtors and clients. He has been using the most professional marketing and PR tools throughout his career. His team consists, among others, of his daughter Jessika and son Anthony who also specialize in international real estate. They both speak French and English, perfectly capable to take care of all buyers and sellers in the presently booming pre-construction and existing markets. The pricing in certain areas, especially in Broward and Palm Beach, is still very attractive with good profit potentials. Please do not hesitate to call me or any team member toll free at 800-560-0469 or text me 24/7 to 954-560-5665 for an immediate response.

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Monday, September 26, 2022

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